Sunday, 25 December 2011

Successful Jalsa of Tehreeq e Insaf in Karachi 25 Dec

Looks like almost 75% youth of Karachi attended jalsa-e-aam of Pakistan Tehreeq e Insaf today. Not even young generation participated but also respectable elders, children and families as well, It was the great achievement for Pakistan Tehreeq e Insaf (PTI). It was noticed that, road and streets were silent like a grave, as they reminded the date of 7th August 1947 on which Quid-e-Azam came to Karachi first time after the decision of separation. Every one came with the hope that Pakistan Tehreeq e Insaf (PTI) will come and take the responsibility to change the system of Pakistan. We hope that change will come in Pakistan and that day is memorable day for Pakistan just like 23rd March 1940.

Pictures & review of today jalsa

Every body is just waiting for Imran Khan and other PTI leader to address them, Mazar e Quaid, Karachi.

As you can see peoples didn't get place inside so they climbed on trucks and buses to watch and listen the speach

Sama news camera man taking coverage of speach by PTI, Mazar e Quied, Karachi.

Four young boys are expressing there feelings with PTI, Mazar e Quiad, Karachi

Crowd is watching from outside of Mazar e Quaid, Karachi

Little girl holding PTI flag, Mazar e Quaid, Karachi

Young boys designed tattoo on his face holding flag of PTI, Mazar e Quaid, Karachi

There were chairs managed for respectable elders, Mazar e Quaid, Karachi

Three boys of young youth holding PTI flag and expressing there feeling at Mazar e Quaid, Karachi.

Youth of Karachi is listning speech by leaders of Pakistan tehreeq e insaf with new hope that they will bring change to the existing disgusting system of Pakistan.

Youth of Karachi not only come for Pakistan Tehreeq e Insaf but from all over the  Pakistan, they want to see good changes in Pakistan and every buddy just believes that Imran Khan is the person who can make changes in Pakistan economy. We all hope that Imran Khan will complete his promises to the entire nation which he has made for the welfare of our loveable country Pakistan.


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