Sunday, 26 February 2012

Adat New Version by Gulshane Hadeed band (ART the Band)

Adat song by Atif Aslam is one of those songs which became his succcess source in music industry and is also known in this industry because of this song. the poetry of adat song has such beauty that who ever listens it, e/she feels it. but may be the peotry of this song is not complete and may be this is the reason that many remakes and versions of this song have arrived till today and still the process is going on and every one triess to sing it in his own way. one famous band known as (ART The Band) of Gulshan e hadeed has tried to make a new version of this song in their own way enjoy

Exclusive Video

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Pitu Goal Garam Match in Gulshan e Hadeed

Pito Gol Garam 

Pito Gol garam is one of that game which is commonly played between the kids of Pakistan  and India. Let me define pitu first ! (Pito is a small circular piece of stone or marble) Pito gol garam is that interesting game which entertains the people very much and anyone who plays this game can be very beneficial from health point of view as well. This game is played between 2 teams and to play this game the essential requirement is the fluffy rubber ball and 6 Pito or 7 Pito as well. It depends on the length of the game which you are willing to play in terms of time. The more Pito you keep on increasing the lengthier the game would be.

Now the question is

How this game can be played ?
Playing Pito Gol Garam is quite easy. The game starts with a toss between the captains of two teams. One team plays a fielding role while the other teams through the Pito down with the help of the ball which is stroked on the Pitu from a specific distance and angle, one by one by the opponent team. The time when the ball strikes the Pito, than the real game starts. Once the Pito are down, then the team who has thrown the Pitu down runs to adjust the Pito back to the form they were before. In the mean time when a person is adjusting the Pito, the fielding team is supposed to hit the opponent person who is adjusting the Pito. Once the ball is hit to the person adjusting the Pito, he is out.

During the same time the person adjusting the Pito has to defend himself from the strike of the ball to his body, moreover he has to arrange the sequence of the Pito the way they were before. If he succeeded to do it quickly and properly without getting hit by the ball from the fielding team, then they get a point. The same procedure is repeated with the entire ball throwing team. Each individual gets 3 or 5 through to disturb the Pito once. Two things decide the win of the game. First if you play it in less time as compared to the opponent team and the 2nd are the points scored throughout the game.

GHS Desi boys roll in Gulshan e Hadeed

As you know that GHSocial has always tried to capture each and every social activity and every aspect of thing going on in gulshan e hadeed and tried our level best to promote it beyond the limits so that each and every person of the world should get the awareness of the real talent or the cultural activity which we are missing.
That’s why GHSocial has decided to promote the young generation of Gulshan e Hadeed and we have started a competition named as GHS Desi boys. The young and talented boys of Gulshan e Hadeed can share their talent and activities performed by them. By doing so they can show and share their talent not only with GHSocial but the entire world because GHSocial provides a platform to promote an individual talent and to get some exposure and get some appreciation which can help them to boom up their self in the aspect which they are working or performing.

Pitu gol garam match in Gulshan e Hadeed

On 12th feb Sunday 2012 in the history of Gulshan e Hadeed the first Pito gol garam match was organised by GHSocial at ground near Pakistan Model School Phase 1 between two talented boys teams of Gulshan e Hadeed. The math was not only played in a passionate way but was also seen in a curiosity and appreciative way by the spectators. This match was played by the famous boy’s team of Gulshan e Hadeed which are popular all over Gulshan e Hadeed by the name of Loly Pop Guyz. The group divided themselves in to 2 team named as Loly Pop A and Loly Pop B teams.

Team A was headed by captan Muqeet Ahmed chatha while Asif, Waqas, Shehryar, Junaid and Shahrukh were the players.
Pitu Gol Garam (Loly Pop A) Team Gulshan e Hadeed, Karachi

Team B was headed by captan Syed Muhammad Adeel while Ameer, Majid, Asad, Mazhar and Haider were the players.
Pitu Gol Garam (Loly Pop B) Team Gulshan e Hadeed, Karachi

The match was played with very excitement and in an energetic way. The match got a dramatic situation as well and the twists also occurred in the middle of the game, for some time it was very much difficult to analyze the situation that who will win but Team B won this historical match after an up down situation with the lead of 1 point.
Loly Pop Guyz Gulshan e Hadeed, Karachi

Match Exclusive Video Highlights

Highlights of Pitu Gol Garam Match in Gulshan e Hadeed Part 1

Highlighs of Pitu Gol Garam Match in Gulshan e Hadeed Part 2

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Special thanks to Loly Pop Guyz for their participation !

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

GHS Desi Boys Competition in Gulshan e Hadeed

Dear members & Visitors,

First of all we want to thank you for all the love and support for making GHS Community one of the fastest growing online communities in Pakistan.
After working on and covering many Social events in Gulshan e Hadeed, we have brought some thing new which will surely promote the talent of the young generation of Gulshan e Hadeed! For the very first time, they can share their abilities and talents by posting GHS community in desi boys section and letting all of theworld know how great and talented we guys are!!!

What exactly is going on in here?
What do I have to do to participate?
How do I make sure that I win the Desi Boyz competition?

What is GHS Desi Boys competition ?

It is a competition for all the guys who live in Gulshan e Hadeed. The people temselves will have to decide the Top 10 Coolest Desi boys who are the best in their field or talent. These talents have to be unusually good for you to make a name in the GHS competition. They can pertain to any category like style, attraction, sports,music, modeling etc.

What are benefits to participate in ?

  • We will write Great article on our blog about winner of the Top 10 Coolest Desi Boys of Gulshan e Hadeed and give him a special page for 1 full year.
  • You will become Famous in Gulshan e Hadeed & on the Web as well. We will popularize the winner on Facebook which will get him a lot of attention and enable him to show off and polish his talents!
  • Top 10 Desi Boys will become Star of GHS Community for the whole year until the next competition takes place.
  • We will take video interviews and share it with our community and the rest of the world.

How to participate ?

Firstly, you need to upload 2 clear photographs in GHS Desi Boys Album. One picture should be of you alone and should be your best photograph. Please keep in mind that the picture should be natural (Not Edited). The second one should be with your Friends(atleast one of them) and preferably be funny, unique or energetic.

You should mention your name in the Picture Title.
Example : Ali Mehboob

In Picture Description you need to say something about that Picture.

Looking forward to all the crazy and exciting pictures from the GHS Desi Boyz!!!

Alisha Mehboob

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rabi al-Awwal the third month of Islamic Lunar Calendar

Rabi al-Awwal is the third month of Islamic Lunar Calendar and comes after Safar al-Muzaffar. Azadari (mourning) remains continue till the 8th of this month. The month of Rabi al-Awwal (the First Spring Season) of Islamic Lunar Calendar is well known in the entire Muslim world as Shahr al-Mawhid (the Month of Birth) of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The precise date of his birth is disputed among the historians, but Ayatullah Ruhullah Musawi al-Khomeini (ra), the founder of the Islamic revolution had declared the week between 9th and 17th Rabi al-Awwal as "Usboo al-Wahda" meaning "the week of unity amongst Muslims." Muslims all over the world are urged to get together and celebrate (Eid-E-Milad un Nabi) the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for the whole week. Sunnis and Shias are two arms (Bazoo) of the Islam. Ayatullah Ruhullah Musawi al-Khomeini (ra)

Rabi al-Awwal is an exceptional month in the Islamic Calendar and it held great significance in the life of beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). As we all know Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born in this month. He began his journey of Hijrah during this month and built the first Mosque of Islam, Masjid Quba in this month. The first Jummah was established in this month.

Hence Rabi al-Awwal is the month of birth celebration of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The birth of the best of Allah's (SWT) creation and the last to be sent with the divine message for the guidance of humanity on a whole is, without doubt, a day to take as one of thanks and reverence to Allah (SWT). Unlike the ways followers of other faiths commemorate the births of their guiding prophet, Muslim celebration of Eid-E-Milad un Nabi is one in which we gather to discuss the bounty and favour which Allah (SWT) has blessed us with by guiding us to the path of Islam and the teachings of the final Messenger of Allah (pbuh). We indulge in Fikr (thought) and Dhikr (remembrance) and what it means to be a follower of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Eid-E-Milad un Nabi is celebrated by Muslims with great devotion and reverence throughout the world. But often it has been seen that devotees do not reflect on the message of the person whom they so venerate. It just becomes a tradition rather than occasion for deep reflection. Muslims also refer to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as Mohsin-e-Insaniat i.e. the benefactor of humanity but hardly care to know in what respect he became benefactor? So, we can call him a liberator of humanity only if we follow his teachings in our personal lives.

Balaghal-ula bi-kamaali-hi (He attained exaltation by his perfection)
Kashafad-duja bi-jamaali-hi (He dispelled darkness by his beauty)
Hasunat jamee'u khisaali-hi (Beauteous are all his qualities)
Sallu alai-hi wa aalihi (Benediction be on him and on his family)

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Friday, 3 February 2012

Mehfil-e-Milad for Rabi-ul-awal in Gulshan e Hadeed

Eid Milad-un-Nabi, also known as the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, is a public holiday in Pakistan. Sunni Muslims observe Milad-un-Nabi on 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal (third month of the Islamic calendar) while Shia Muslims observe it on 17 Rabi-ul-Awwal, coinciding with the birth date of their sixth Imam Jafar-al-Sadiq.

Today Community members of Gulshan e Hadeed organize Mehfil-e-Milad for Rabi-ul-awal Straight back side Ground of Diyar-e-Habib Masjid Phase I Gulshan e Hadeed Karachi, in this melad it is an open invitation to people of Gulshan e Hadeed and outsiders to Join and contribute. There would also be Kids Naat compertation and Famous Naat Khwan Muhammad Wajid Ali Qadri from (QTV), Rana Ateeq-ur-Rehman and other Famous Naat Khawan will Contribute. Mehfil-e-Melad will Start after Namaz-e-Esha. It is reqeusted to Join and contribute in today's Mehfil-e-Milad.

Tents for today milad at back side ground of Diyar-e-habib Masjid Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I, Karachi

Inside Milad Tent Under Preparation at back side ground of Diyar-e-habib Masjid Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I, Karachi

Two Young boys holding Poster of Famous Naat Khwan at back side ground of Diyar-e-habib Masjid Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I, Karachi

Invitation banner of Today Mehfil-e-Milad at back side ground of Diyar-e-habib Masjid Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I, Karachi

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Governor Sindh announces holiday, lifts pillion-riding ban for Rabi-ul-Awal

KARACHI: A public holiday has been announced in Sindh by Governor Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad on 11th Rabi-ul-Awwal, Saturday Feb 04 while there will be no ban on pillion ridding for two days on 11th and 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal.

According to sources The governor was heading a meeting of religious scholars belonging to different sects and higher authorities of the province including the home minister and Minister for religious affairs.

The meeting was called to review security and other arrangements with regards to birth celebrations of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

In the meeting The governor announced to lift the pillion riding ban for two days and there would be public holiday on 11th and 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal.

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