Thursday, 29 December 2011

Side effects of Video Game Shops on our generation

Video Games

Gaming both video and computer has become more than a fad, it is a part of life. Playing games is a common activity & interest of children to build there mind. Playing games not only gives to get entertain but it also give opportunity to learn new thing by losing and wining the Game. Video games and computer games are known to improve hand-eye co-ordination and help players gain many skills. However, all is not negative about gaming, studies by leading researchers have shown that video and computer games have many benefits.

Playing Video Games in an ordinary shops

We already know that the environment of an ordinary shops are not good. It depends on shop keeper to keep there shops clean as it is a place for children playing area which should be properly maintained neat and clean. but its totally against it, we can see spilt of tobacco on the walls all around the shop. Smoking smell of nicotine, it is not good for health. Different kind of peoples can be found in Video Games shop including educated & ill-literate. Educated peoples knows that how to care. but ill-literate peoples doesn't care for, there own, environment, and others because they don't know how to tackle. This thing not only effect on elders but also children learn from these things like Abusing, Chewing  Tobacco, Fighting etc.

Disadvantages of Video Gaming in ordinary Shops

We know that environment effects on human specially on children to build personality. As above mentioned that the environment of ordinary shops are not good. Children learn from video games shops how to abuse which is the normal thing when others are playing. How to use any kind of nicotine, sexual abuse by ill-literate and by other common things. Some games create negative effects on children, they become violence, rebellious to there parents if not permitted to play video game.

How to make good environment

Children are the asset of our nation; they are not only responsibility of their parents but also we should need to save our nation assets including video games shopkeepers, neighbors, teachers and elders. Parents should need to provide a frank environment in home that children feel not to go outside like that kind of places, only allow children to go outside for limited time. Try to provide games & activities at home like computer. Keep strictly care gathering of children. This is the duty of shopkeeper to care environment & which kind of activities happening in their shops, avoid to allow children if they came in school uniform at school timing. Children also should need to play those kind of games which mentally & physically give positive effects like Cricket, football, hockey etc.

Our Survey Report

Our reporters also take a survey of Gulshan e Hadeed to take feedback of Shopkeepers and common person's if it is good or bad view below:

Thanks for reading & watching.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Mobile Snatching in Gulshan e Hadeed

Mobile snatching is now become a common crime in Karachi, GHS team members take a survey of gulshan e hadeed to hear thoughts from peoples of Gulshan e Hadeed about mobile snatching street crime.

Two young students effected yesterday, by cell phone snatchers near Masjid-e-Quba Phase I Gulshan e Hadeed, Karachi

Survey Report

the main reason of taking this survey is not to record video and upload it as a blog entry but to understand how we can get rid of Street crimes like Mobile snatching.

What should we need to do?

About Safety

From our opinion ! first of all avoid the use of cell phone openly when passing through alone streets & roads, do not keep more than your need in your pocket. If found someone or something suspicious around you be alert and inform any responsible person or department. Avoid take it out unnecessary from home.

In case of Robbery

first of all inform the people of that specific area where the situation or mishap occured than contact to police help line 15 as soon as possible. Inform CPLC for deactivation of your Cell Phone and also contact your service provider to block your sim card to avoid misuse. Make a proper filed report in the nearest police station as soon as possible.

If you have any query or suggestion regarding this you can comment or send us e-mail at

Senior Reporter
M. Rizwan

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Successful Jalsa of Tehreeq e Insaf in Karachi 25 Dec

Looks like almost 75% youth of Karachi attended jalsa-e-aam of Pakistan Tehreeq e Insaf today. Not even young generation participated but also respectable elders, children and families as well, It was the great achievement for Pakistan Tehreeq e Insaf (PTI). It was noticed that, road and streets were silent like a grave, as they reminded the date of 7th August 1947 on which Quid-e-Azam came to Karachi first time after the decision of separation. Every one came with the hope that Pakistan Tehreeq e Insaf (PTI) will come and take the responsibility to change the system of Pakistan. We hope that change will come in Pakistan and that day is memorable day for Pakistan just like 23rd March 1940.

Pictures & review of today jalsa

Every body is just waiting for Imran Khan and other PTI leader to address them, Mazar e Quaid, Karachi.

As you can see peoples didn't get place inside so they climbed on trucks and buses to watch and listen the speach

Sama news camera man taking coverage of speach by PTI, Mazar e Quied, Karachi.

Four young boys are expressing there feelings with PTI, Mazar e Quiad, Karachi

Crowd is watching from outside of Mazar e Quaid, Karachi

Little girl holding PTI flag, Mazar e Quaid, Karachi

Young boys designed tattoo on his face holding flag of PTI, Mazar e Quaid, Karachi

There were chairs managed for respectable elders, Mazar e Quaid, Karachi

Three boys of young youth holding PTI flag and expressing there feeling at Mazar e Quaid, Karachi.

Youth of Karachi is listning speech by leaders of Pakistan tehreeq e insaf with new hope that they will bring change to the existing disgusting system of Pakistan.

Youth of Karachi not only come for Pakistan Tehreeq e Insaf but from all over the  Pakistan, they want to see good changes in Pakistan and every buddy just believes that Imran Khan is the person who can make changes in Pakistan economy. We all hope that Imran Khan will complete his promises to the entire nation which he has made for the welfare of our loveable country Pakistan.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Tehreq e Insaf 25 December prepration

Today and yesterday we have seen very fast activities by tehreeq e insaf in Gulshan e Hadeed they organize membership points in almost all major spots of Gulshan e hadeed. Looks like there is lots of peoples who are interested to attend gathering organized by tehreeq e insaf at Mazar e Quaid. They also organize rally to collect more peoples today almost at 8:00 PM (PST) in Gulshan e Hadeed.

The plan for attending Gathering at Mazar e Quaid for Gulshan e Hadeed Members

Members will appear from L-7 Market Phase II point Gulshan e Hadeed at 10:00 AM (PST), there is also transportation managed by tehreeq e insaf for the peoples who are interested to attend this gathering than they will collect more members from other tehreeq e insaf points which come in the way of this Gathering.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Muslim league nawaz Jalsa Peoples reaction after Jalsa

I was wondering to see news today about Muslim league Nawaz Jalsa, just searching on youtube I found this video have a look at below video.

Looks like Pakistani nation is frustrated and you can see in this video that peoples are just expecting, only try to sell chair and iron material from there political gathring to have some benefit at least by stealing chairs & Iron from there banners. This is where to think about that nation have no confident on any of our leader they just realize that they can have only benefit by doing that. 

CNG Load shading & it's Effect on daily life

Yesterday Government of Sindh again give a short notice for the load shading of CNG. Looks like CNG shortage problem is going to be a part of daily life as a load shading of electricity in Pakistan, load shading of CNG in Karachi is becoming a serious problem for students and those peoples who daily travel for there work place by PSV Bus they are facing huge convince problem to reach there destinations. yesterday load shading was not for long period so that's why that was not much serious but time of ending 9:00 AM was not good for those peoples who need to reach early morning to there workplaces.

8:00 PM evening photograph National Highway Raza Residency Malir, Karachi.
Looks like flow of traffic decreased and view of highway express that its very late.

Staff of Shell Pump waiting for the opening of CNG. Malir Shell Pump near Raza Residency.

Very long queue of vehicles waiting for CNG. National Highway Malir Shell Pump near Raza Residency Malir, Karachi

Shell Pump National Highway near Raza Residency Malir, Karachi

Government should need to take notice for shortage of CNG in Karachi, if they fail to fulfil the requirement of CNG in karachi than there will be more complicated problems occurs.

Report by:
Shehryar Qureshi

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Changing in Pakistan ?

Hello Every body,

Today I am not here to give you any news but I just come to ask you all good Pakistanis to aware and think about you responsibilities.

This post is not to blame you any thing but I just want to share something what I feel about my country about my environment about culture about responsibilities as a good citizen of Pakistan.

Every body knows what is happening currently in Pakistan, and we know what ever happening, is not good for our country, and when someone say that who is doing that ? we start blaming government and those peoples who are leading us. But you guys don't know that we are also responsible for that now you will start thinking how ?

If you want to make any good changes first of all you need to change your self than your environment than you will be able to make good changes nation wide.

How we are wrong ?

How many of us take action when something bad happening in front of us ?

Well only few of us protest against that and other only think that I am OK and it is none of my business but when something happen bad to them they start blaming others, they are responsible. I have only one examples just what I watch every day when I pass through my Work Place.


I am going to somewhere in a bus many peoples who are travelling in a bus are in hurry to reach somewhere suddenly bus driver and ticket keeper ask that bus is not going to its rout and ask every buddy to sit in any other bus or leave a bus only few or only one person protest against it and others just leave.

Now transporters start make this thing there habit who is responsible for that ? the government ? No those peoples are responsible who are not protesting that it is bad because they are not in such hurry like others but when this thing apply to them they start protest against it but no buddy give them support because they didn't before. and now this become a part of our life.

It is just a simple example but you know there is many thing happening wrong and we don't come to against it because that not belongs to us but someday it also appear to us.

What should we need to do?

First of all from my opinion we should need to stop blaming any one that they are responsible, than we should need to protesting against what ever bad thing happen to us and to other by hand or by reporting that activity to Police or others who are able to stop that, no matter they take action or not but you should need to fulfil your responsibility by doing that.

Secondly make your home, streets, and about your home environment net and clean. you will start thinking that it is stupid, but really it is very effective to think positive as we are a muslim nation and depuration is half emman.

I don't want to take so many of your time to reading it but please think that there is so many things which happens due to our irresponsibility. and we should need to fix these things and than we will be able to make our country Greater.

Thanks for reading and understanding.

Tehreeq-e-Insaf Relly In Gulshan e Hadeed

Today Tehreeq e Insaf arange a relly for promotion of there party in Gulshan e Hadeed. Tahreeq e Insaf manage there station for this rally at Ah-hadeed stop Gulshan e hadeed. Main starting point of this rally was from L-7 market Phase II. This rally was depend on 40 to 50 peoples for the starting point most are youngsters under 18, we can see the excitement of youth clearly in this rally for Imran Khan and his party, every one is waiting for a young and energetic leader which lead Pakistan in to good state.

Rally movement from Al-Hadeed (Sindhu) Chauk Gulshan e Hadeed.

Close view of Tehreeq e Insaf Station Al-Hadeed Stop Gulshan e Hadeed phase I.

Bike Riders Leading the rally Al-Hadeed (Sindhu) Chauk Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I.

Tehreeq e Insaf Rally Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I.

This news reported by :

Syed Muhammad Naveed
Muhammad Rizwan

Personal Notice: If you have any news regarding Gulshan e Hadeed and want to contribute in Gulshan e Hadeed Strangers to aware the peoples of gulshan e hadeed for latest activities plz contact at

Friday, 9 December 2011

Hill Top Park Gulshan e Hadeed


Hill Top Park is one of the best picnic point in Gulshan e Hadeed. At evening almost 70% of Gulshan Hadeedian's visit Hill Top Park for relaxation & entertainment. One of the good point about hill top park is we feel secure to visit with family, normally when we visit any picnic point we need to face some low calibre peoples but as we know Gulshan e Hadeed peoples are educated and mannered they respect others as well as there families.

Entrance from east side of Hill Top Park, Gulshan e Hadeed

Security Guard of Hill Top Park Day Shift

one of the post popular and symbol of Gulshan e Hadeed


water supply for grass

Hill Top gulshan e hadeed Bar B q restaurant  often open at evening.

Hill Top Gulshan e hadeed one walking place.


Ramp view from steel town

Hill Top Gulshan e hadeed

Hill Top Gulshan e Hadeed

Steel Town view from Hill Top Gulshan e hadeed

Hill Top Gulshan e Hadeed

Personal Note for all Hadeedian's

After watching this garbage in our beautiful Hill Top park we feel very bad that it is also our responsibility to take care of environment around us.

Thanks for reading and watching.

If you have any suggation about Gulshan e hadeed and about this post please comment.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

10 Mohram Ul Haram at Gulshan e Hadeed

This is a day of 10th moharam, and looks like all shops are closed in Gulshan e Hadeed. Shops are closed not due to any kind of strike or something like that but in respect and sorrow of Shonda-e-karbala,

Main commercial market road north side road Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I.

Main Commercial market Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I.

Main Commercial Market Road Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I.

Askari Road Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I.

Sabeel & langar for Moharam ul Haram

As like previous years, Sabeel Points are also organized in huge quantity by the peoples of Gulshan e Hadeed it is sadqa-e-jaria specially Children's mostly contribute in organizing sabeel points for all the peoples of Gulshan e Hadeed & outsiders. also langar points organized as before years.

Sabeel Point in front of Diyar-e-Habib Masjid Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I.

Sabeel and Langar Point near Pepsi Agency Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I.

Making Of Daleem in Gulshan e Hadeed

Last night many peoples make groups in Street of gulshan e hadeed for making daleem.

Image of day after making Daleem Bhand Brothers they take a part of making as like they do before they always give contribution for distribution of huge quantity of Daleem in Gulshan e Hadeed Al-Bakhtawar Road Phase I.

Ashes of last night Bakhtawar Roard Gulshan e Hadeed.

Empty Daigh Bakhtawar Road Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I

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