Friday, 8 August 2014

Viber Messanger Profile Picture Privacy Issue

Look what I found today totally ridiculous if you are using viber on your android device don't set Profile Picture.

Why ? 

Today I was trying to change rom of my Qmobile A600 phone with Custom Rom. I start looking at android system and was doing some modification about Applications and its data I was about to move Viber Messanger data and I have seen this folder. 

myDrive://>viber/media/User photos
(myDrive is the drive where my data is been saved)

How viber Messanger works ?

Vider works like if someone is in your contact list and on Viber Messanger he/she will start appearing in your Viber Messenger Application so if someone have your number even though you actually don't know him/her they will still able to see your full size profile picture by your Viber account and that images are getting save on their android device be careful if you are posting your profile pictures on Viber Messanger.

if you don't believe follow below steps

Go to your android phone file manager and open the storage where you store viber data and you will see folder named "viber" in this folder "media" and "User Photos" you will be able to see images of all of you contact list if they have account on it and profile picture is set even full history of any user who is using it for long time. It is like using since and how many pictures been changed !

be careful to share your pictures if you don't want any strangers to view your personal stuff..

I created this blog post Specially for peoples who thought they have enough privacy protection!