Friday, 8 August 2014

Viber Messanger Profile Picture Privacy Issue

Look what I found today totally ridiculous if you are using viber on your android device don't set Profile Picture.

Why ? 

Today I was trying to change rom of my Qmobile A600 phone with Custom Rom. I start looking at android system and was doing some modification about Applications and its data I was about to move Viber Messanger data and I have seen this folder. 

myDrive://>viber/media/User photos
(myDrive is the drive where my data is been saved)

How viber Messanger works ?

Vider works like if someone is in your contact list and on Viber Messanger he/she will start appearing in your Viber Messenger Application so if someone have your number even though you actually don't know him/her they will still able to see your full size profile picture by your Viber account and that images are getting save on their android device be careful if you are posting your profile pictures on Viber Messanger.

if you don't believe follow below steps

Go to your android phone file manager and open the storage where you store viber data and you will see folder named "viber" in this folder "media" and "User Photos" you will be able to see images of all of you contact list if they have account on it and profile picture is set even full history of any user who is using it for long time. It is like using since and how many pictures been changed !

be careful to share your pictures if you don't want any strangers to view your personal stuff..

I created this blog post Specially for peoples who thought they have enough privacy protection!


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Strange incidence Ghost appear at Thermal Power Port Qasim

Question of the day : Do you ever believe or seen Ghosts ?

Well if you personally ask me I will say I never seen any but I do believe in Ghosts as it is written in our holy book that they exists.

Today someone known to me visit me and asked me that I ever visited Thermal Power near Port Qaism for fishing or picnic ?

I said yes I several times.

He asked again that have you  ever seen any strange thing like Ghost, witch or monster ?

I started laughing at his question and said not didn't seen ever in my life and I don't ever think that they came visible for normal persons.

Than he show me a picture of that place and highlighted me a thing in that picture which appears very strange to me for the first time after watching that picture I start thinking is it real or fake.

below is the picture (Original as it appears to me)

Ghost in port Qaism thermal power karachi
Ghost at Port Qasim Thermal Power, Karachi Pakistan

and this is the highlighted version

Ghost at Port Qasim Thermal Power, Karachi Pakistan

It looks like that may be it is a ghost accidentally appear in the picture after taking that picture that thing does not appears to them It only appear in picture.

Do you really think is it real or fake its kinda confusing for me I am looking forward for your thoughts regrading that issue ?

Official Discussion TopicDiscussion Thread for the Post

UPDATE: one of web searcher proved this is fake 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Gulshan e Hadeed Official Forum is Live again.

A Great News for All Hadeedians that there own website GH Social is now back

Now its All upto the users that how will they Promote there website and share problems, benefical things criteria from our area and all over Pakistan. We need a change in youth, we all have to unite on a Plateform and create a history in ghsocial

stay in contact with us to be a part of change

Please welcome 

Syed Bilal Umer Rumi
to be a new administrator of

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Election is near in Pakistan who will be right

Well we know that elections are near in Pakistan many peoples like always have same question in their mind who will be right? And with that we think no current candidate is going to change the situation keeping that thoughts in mind we didn't even cast vote for anyone,

Just because of our that discussion corrupt peoples wins by their resources.

Question is that what to do and if cast vote than who?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

[GHS] Funny Commercial StarGate ToothPaste

After a long time Gulshan e hadeed strangers have brought to you a little way to flow smile on your face. Gulshan e hadeed Strangers always try to give latest news and best entertainment to our beloved people of Karachi & Hadeed.

This video was captured it self on May 2012 earlier days of Gulshan e hadeed for some reason founder of Gulshan e hadeed Strangers (Syed Muhammad Shafiq) have to leave Gulshan e hadeed and karachi thats the reason you was unable to see any new activity by Gulshan e Hadeed Strangers. This video is the last ever captured by Syed Muhammad Shafiq for Gulshan e Hadeed Strangers. hope you will gona enjoy that one :)

Your Comments and appreciation will highly anchorage us to do more work for Gulshan e Hadeed Strangers

Friday, 13 April 2012

[NEWS] Classified section added in GHS

Hello Gulshan e Hadeed community and all,

we are very please to announce that we have lunched New Section of Classified in for the peoples of Gulshan e Hadeed to buy/Sell their products with source of Gulshan e Hadeed Strangers classified Section.

What is advantages ?

Your can easily sell your Cell phone laptop or any other electronic items as well as property and other by just posting your ads in related section of the website.

GHS Classifieds

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Haidi Jin & wo by Waqar Kaka & Sajid Tucha

Syed Muhammad Adi as Waqar Kaka
After a long time Gulshan e Hadeed Strangers (GHS) has brought to you a great activity as we try to do always. Now first time we are presenting you a brand new web show Haidi Jin & Wo with the funny parody of Waqar Zaka as (Waqar Kaka) & Sajid Billa as (Sajid Tucha) which is performed by Syed Muhmmad Adi. You will see Haider Ali as a character of (Haidi).

In this show we are presenting some video clip which will show the gaps between past and current time situation what is happening in these days around us.

You will really gona enjoy funny hosting of Waqar Kaka & Sajid Tucha.

Syed Muhammad Adi as Sajid Tucha

Syed Muhammad Adi in Getup of Sajid Billa (Sajid Tucha)

Waqar Kaka (Syed Muhammad Adi) pulling Syed Muhammad Naveed to view a video.

Exclusive Video

We hope that you guys will gona like, enjoy and share it.  Feedback's are highly appropriated you can submit your feedback's given link below.

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Adat New Version by Gulshane Hadeed band (ART the Band)

Adat song by Atif Aslam is one of those songs which became his succcess source in music industry and is also known in this industry because of this song. the poetry of adat song has such beauty that who ever listens it, e/she feels it. but may be the peotry of this song is not complete and may be this is the reason that many remakes and versions of this song have arrived till today and still the process is going on and every one triess to sing it in his own way. one famous band known as (ART The Band) of Gulshan e hadeed has tried to make a new version of this song in their own way enjoy

Exclusive Video

[DISCUSS] Adat New Version by Gulshane Hadeed band (ART the Band)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Downtime at

Hello all Respected users of Its a bad news for you that we ae going to take down for some time because we are testing some functionality on to make it more better and user friendly for our respected members.

We will be back shortly Thanks for your consediration. Sorry for the inconvince. We will always try to give u better services.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Pitu Goal Garam Match in Gulshan e Hadeed

Pito Gol Garam 

Pito Gol garam is one of that game which is commonly played between the kids of Pakistan  and India. Let me define pitu first ! (Pito is a small circular piece of stone or marble) Pito gol garam is that interesting game which entertains the people very much and anyone who plays this game can be very beneficial from health point of view as well. This game is played between 2 teams and to play this game the essential requirement is the fluffy rubber ball and 6 Pito or 7 Pito as well. It depends on the length of the game which you are willing to play in terms of time. The more Pito you keep on increasing the lengthier the game would be.

Now the question is

How this game can be played ?
Playing Pito Gol Garam is quite easy. The game starts with a toss between the captains of two teams. One team plays a fielding role while the other teams through the Pito down with the help of the ball which is stroked on the Pitu from a specific distance and angle, one by one by the opponent team. The time when the ball strikes the Pito, than the real game starts. Once the Pito are down, then the team who has thrown the Pitu down runs to adjust the Pito back to the form they were before. In the mean time when a person is adjusting the Pito, the fielding team is supposed to hit the opponent person who is adjusting the Pito. Once the ball is hit to the person adjusting the Pito, he is out.

During the same time the person adjusting the Pito has to defend himself from the strike of the ball to his body, moreover he has to arrange the sequence of the Pito the way they were before. If he succeeded to do it quickly and properly without getting hit by the ball from the fielding team, then they get a point. The same procedure is repeated with the entire ball throwing team. Each individual gets 3 or 5 through to disturb the Pito once. Two things decide the win of the game. First if you play it in less time as compared to the opponent team and the 2nd are the points scored throughout the game.

GHS Desi boys roll in Gulshan e Hadeed

As you know that GHSocial has always tried to capture each and every social activity and every aspect of thing going on in gulshan e hadeed and tried our level best to promote it beyond the limits so that each and every person of the world should get the awareness of the real talent or the cultural activity which we are missing.
That’s why GHSocial has decided to promote the young generation of Gulshan e Hadeed and we have started a competition named as GHS Desi boys. The young and talented boys of Gulshan e Hadeed can share their talent and activities performed by them. By doing so they can show and share their talent not only with GHSocial but the entire world because GHSocial provides a platform to promote an individual talent and to get some exposure and get some appreciation which can help them to boom up their self in the aspect which they are working or performing.

Pitu gol garam match in Gulshan e Hadeed

On 12th feb Sunday 2012 in the history of Gulshan e Hadeed the first Pito gol garam match was organised by GHSocial at ground near Pakistan Model School Phase 1 between two talented boys teams of Gulshan e Hadeed. The math was not only played in a passionate way but was also seen in a curiosity and appreciative way by the spectators. This match was played by the famous boy’s team of Gulshan e Hadeed which are popular all over Gulshan e Hadeed by the name of Loly Pop Guyz. The group divided themselves in to 2 team named as Loly Pop A and Loly Pop B teams.

Team A was headed by captan Muqeet Ahmed chatha while Asif, Waqas, Shehryar, Junaid and Shahrukh were the players.
Pitu Gol Garam (Loly Pop A) Team Gulshan e Hadeed, Karachi

Team B was headed by captan Syed Muhammad Adeel while Ameer, Majid, Asad, Mazhar and Haider were the players.
Pitu Gol Garam (Loly Pop B) Team Gulshan e Hadeed, Karachi

The match was played with very excitement and in an energetic way. The match got a dramatic situation as well and the twists also occurred in the middle of the game, for some time it was very much difficult to analyze the situation that who will win but Team B won this historical match after an up down situation with the lead of 1 point.
Loly Pop Guyz Gulshan e Hadeed, Karachi

Match Exclusive Video Highlights

Highlights of Pitu Gol Garam Match in Gulshan e Hadeed Part 1

Highlighs of Pitu Gol Garam Match in Gulshan e Hadeed Part 2

Thanks for reading and watching you can discuss this post at given below link we are waiting to hear your great feedback

Special thanks to Loly Pop Guyz for their participation !