Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Haidi Jin & wo by Waqar Kaka & Sajid Tucha

Syed Muhammad Adi as Waqar Kaka
After a long time Gulshan e Hadeed Strangers (GHS) has brought to you a great activity as we try to do always. Now first time we are presenting you a brand new web show Haidi Jin & Wo with the funny parody of Waqar Zaka as (Waqar Kaka) & Sajid Billa as (Sajid Tucha) which is performed by Syed Muhmmad Adi. You will see Haider Ali as a character of (Haidi).

In this show we are presenting some video clip which will show the gaps between past and current time situation what is happening in these days around us.

You will really gona enjoy funny hosting of Waqar Kaka & Sajid Tucha.

Syed Muhammad Adi as Sajid Tucha

Syed Muhammad Adi in Getup of Sajid Billa (Sajid Tucha)

Waqar Kaka (Syed Muhammad Adi) pulling Syed Muhammad Naveed to view a video.

Exclusive Video

We hope that you guys will gona like, enjoy and share it.  Feedback's are highly appropriated you can submit your feedback's given link below.

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