Saturday, 15 June 2013

Strange incidence Ghost appear at Thermal Power Port Qasim

Question of the day : Do you ever believe or seen Ghosts ?

Well if you personally ask me I will say I never seen any but I do believe in Ghosts as it is written in our holy book that they exists.

Today someone known to me visit me and asked me that I ever visited Thermal Power near Port Qaism for fishing or picnic ?

I said yes I several times.

He asked again that have you  ever seen any strange thing like Ghost, witch or monster ?

I started laughing at his question and said not didn't seen ever in my life and I don't ever think that they came visible for normal persons.

Than he show me a picture of that place and highlighted me a thing in that picture which appears very strange to me for the first time after watching that picture I start thinking is it real or fake.

below is the picture (Original as it appears to me)

Ghost in port Qaism thermal power karachi
Ghost at Port Qasim Thermal Power, Karachi Pakistan

and this is the highlighted version

Ghost at Port Qasim Thermal Power, Karachi Pakistan

It looks like that may be it is a ghost accidentally appear in the picture after taking that picture that thing does not appears to them It only appear in picture.

Do you really think is it real or fake its kinda confusing for me I am looking forward for your thoughts regrading that issue ?

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UPDATE: one of web searcher proved this is fake 


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