Thursday, 22 December 2011

CNG Load shading & it's Effect on daily life

Yesterday Government of Sindh again give a short notice for the load shading of CNG. Looks like CNG shortage problem is going to be a part of daily life as a load shading of electricity in Pakistan, load shading of CNG in Karachi is becoming a serious problem for students and those peoples who daily travel for there work place by PSV Bus they are facing huge convince problem to reach there destinations. yesterday load shading was not for long period so that's why that was not much serious but time of ending 9:00 AM was not good for those peoples who need to reach early morning to there workplaces.

8:00 PM evening photograph National Highway Raza Residency Malir, Karachi.
Looks like flow of traffic decreased and view of highway express that its very late.

Staff of Shell Pump waiting for the opening of CNG. Malir Shell Pump near Raza Residency.

Very long queue of vehicles waiting for CNG. National Highway Malir Shell Pump near Raza Residency Malir, Karachi

Shell Pump National Highway near Raza Residency Malir, Karachi

Government should need to take notice for shortage of CNG in Karachi, if they fail to fulfil the requirement of CNG in karachi than there will be more complicated problems occurs.

Report by:
Shehryar Qureshi


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