Sunday, 18 December 2011

Changing in Pakistan ?

Hello Every body,

Today I am not here to give you any news but I just come to ask you all good Pakistanis to aware and think about you responsibilities.

This post is not to blame you any thing but I just want to share something what I feel about my country about my environment about culture about responsibilities as a good citizen of Pakistan.

Every body knows what is happening currently in Pakistan, and we know what ever happening, is not good for our country, and when someone say that who is doing that ? we start blaming government and those peoples who are leading us. But you guys don't know that we are also responsible for that now you will start thinking how ?

If you want to make any good changes first of all you need to change your self than your environment than you will be able to make good changes nation wide.

How we are wrong ?

How many of us take action when something bad happening in front of us ?

Well only few of us protest against that and other only think that I am OK and it is none of my business but when something happen bad to them they start blaming others, they are responsible. I have only one examples just what I watch every day when I pass through my Work Place.


I am going to somewhere in a bus many peoples who are travelling in a bus are in hurry to reach somewhere suddenly bus driver and ticket keeper ask that bus is not going to its rout and ask every buddy to sit in any other bus or leave a bus only few or only one person protest against it and others just leave.

Now transporters start make this thing there habit who is responsible for that ? the government ? No those peoples are responsible who are not protesting that it is bad because they are not in such hurry like others but when this thing apply to them they start protest against it but no buddy give them support because they didn't before. and now this become a part of our life.

It is just a simple example but you know there is many thing happening wrong and we don't come to against it because that not belongs to us but someday it also appear to us.

What should we need to do?

First of all from my opinion we should need to stop blaming any one that they are responsible, than we should need to protesting against what ever bad thing happen to us and to other by hand or by reporting that activity to Police or others who are able to stop that, no matter they take action or not but you should need to fulfil your responsibility by doing that.

Secondly make your home, streets, and about your home environment net and clean. you will start thinking that it is stupid, but really it is very effective to think positive as we are a muslim nation and depuration is half emman.

I don't want to take so many of your time to reading it but please think that there is so many things which happens due to our irresponsibility. and we should need to fix these things and than we will be able to make our country Greater.

Thanks for reading and understanding.


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