Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Increasing Pollution In Gulshane E Hadeed


Yes, pollution is alive and well in Pakistan. Whether it's from cars, factories or other sources, Pakistanis are regularly breathing in pollution. Sadly, few know about its disastrous effects on their and their children's health. At the least, pollution causes coughing, sore throat and nasal discharge. At the worst it leads to asthma, tumors, lung damage and death. Up Growing Pollution is now become a serious problem for the peoples of Gulshan e Hadeed from years. In earlier years Gulshan e Hadeed was very famous in Karachi because of it's clean environment, beauty & education. Today this area in the range of up growing Pollution. Peoples of hadeed is now suffering from several kind of diseases. Spite of several complains no one take any action or if happen it's on temporary bases after one or two weeks streets and about home area show the same condition as before.


When sewage is not properly collected and transported to sewage treatment plant in a sanitary way, sewage emanates foul odour causing air pollution. The reason why sewage remediation is so important is because the wastewater that comes from the broken sewage lines contains harmful microorganisms that cause diseases. Mosquito, flies & other Germs can be grow in dirty water. Typhoid, Malaria & Dengue these kind of diseases can be commonly occurred because of dirty sewerage water. due to sewerage broken lines it is very difficult to pass effected place.

What should we do ?

First of all we should need to manage area comity and complain to responsible department or a person. If no one take any notice, do not wait for any notification by other it is our responsibility at least to keep our area clean. If someone leaving garbage other than waist bin stop them because every buddy will start to place garbage in that place and it will become a waist area. There is many things we can do as we all are sensible nation & know what should be right !

Gulshan e Hadeed Survey Report

Mr. Asif told GHS Team that he complained several time to responsible department and no one take any action their kids and other peoples are suffering from diseases & mosquitoes. They also organize area comity but Mr. Asif reply that they are not getting permitted to solve this issue. Sewerage water is in from of Jamea Masjid & Commercial Bazar. 

L-7 Market Phase II, Gulshan e Hadeed, Karachi

Sewerage pips are just waiting someone to install it. L-7 Market Gulshan e Hadeed Phase II, Karachi. 

Dirty Sewerage Water on the Street Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I Double Road, Karachi.

Dirty Sewerage Water on the Street Gulshan e Hadeed Phase I Double Road, Karachi.

Exclusive Video Survey

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